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Intelligent Engagement at Scale

Designed by DemandGen, Marketo Service Partner:

The buyer’s journey is more complex than ever. Creating and orchestrating actionable insights for sales teams based on the various marketing touch points can be a daunting task, yet the data is invaluable.

Using this data to identify and prioritize ideal target accounts, engage efficiently with the buying group, get the lead or account to the right owner for appropriate follow-up, plus measuring the business impact of campaigns can cause a real headache.

Intelligently engage with prospects along the buyer’s journey with the combination of the right strategy, tools and process:

Mintigo: Use AI and data to target and prioritize the right accounts and people.
Marketo: Market to these accounts.
ConversicaAugment teams with Conversational AI Assistants to scale sales productivity, increase engagement, and convert leads more efficiently.
LeanData: When engagement takes place, connect the right revenue data (leads / accounts) to the right folks and measure the business impact of campaigns.
DemandGen: Help you put this strategy to work!

Precise Targeting using AI and Data - know who and when to target.
Intelligent Engagement - by augmenting team and following up at scale.
Accurate follow-up with maximum efficiency - when engagement takes place, revenue data is connected to the right person

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