Send eGift Cards in Marketo Email

By Rybbon

Add gifts to Marketo emails and send using campaigns. Choose from 50+ global brands like Amazon & Visa. Integrate in minutes without IT or API coding.


Everyone loves a present! Join 300+ marketers who have boosted campaign conversions with digital gifts.

Digital gifts are a great way to instantly boost response rates for:

  • Referrals
  • Surveys
  • Webinars
  • Trials and demos
  • Customer advocacy

Top Marketo customers use Rybbon to simplify, scale and enhance delivery of gifts. 


One place to buy US & Global Gifts

Choose from 50+ US and International digital gifts including Amazon, Panera, Visa and charitable donations.

Send gifts in your Marketo emails

It’s true! Our unique integration lets you drop gifts into any Marketo email! So gifts arrive from your trusted email address with your branding.

Automate gifts via Smart Campaigns

Use Marketo SmartCampaigns to send gifts to targeted lists. Or define triggers to send gift emails automatically for on-going programs like referrals.

Let recipients pick or donate gift

Setup a curated selection of gifts and donations and let your recipients choose their preferred gift or donate to the charity of their choice.

Act when gifts are claimed

Rybbon logs lead activity when a gift is claimed. Use it to trigger follow-ups or notify sales and capitalize on the goodwill earned by your gift.

Save Time and Money

Manage multiple programs with a clear picture of gifts and expenses. Refunds ensures you never waste budget on gifts that go unclaimed.

Max Limit (6 Features)


Integrate in less than 10 minutes. No IT or API coding required.

If you can copy & paste, you can integrate Rybbon with Marketo.


Add gifts to any Marketo emails

Drop Rybbon gifts into any Marketo email using the Marketo email editor. Wrap the gifts with your own branding, messaging and calls-to-action.


Send gifts using Batch or Triggered Smart Campaigns

Use Smart Campaigns to send batch gift emails - for example, to webinar attendees and survey respondents. Or, trigger gift emails automatically on form submission, data value change, status change etc. – perfect for on-going programs like referrals.


Log lead activity when a gift is claimed

Rybbon logs lead activity in Marketo every time a recipient claims a gift. Use the lead activity to trigger any action like sending follow-up offers or notifying sales.


Test your gift emails and campaign flows

Use Rybbon’s testing features to preview gift emails and send test gifts. You can be confident campaigns are working as expected and gift recipients will have a great experience. All without expending real gifts!



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The fact that Rybbon integrates with Marketo was a big plus. It’s a huge time saver, and more importantly, it makes for an excellent customer experience with immediate reward fulfillment.
Chris Chariton, Senior Director of Marketing, GTM Payroll