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Send eGift Cards in Marketo Email

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Add gifts to Marketo emails & send to campaign members. Choose from brands like Amazon, Starbucks & global Visa. Loved by 20+ Marketo customers.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Add gifts to Marketo emails
  • Customize gifting experience
  • Track delivery in Marketo
  • Simple Marketo integration
Join 20+ Marketo customers who have boosted campaign conversions

Top Marketo customers use Rybbon to instantly deliver gifts and rewards. Digital incentives are a great way to boost:

  • Referrals
  • Surveys
  • Webinars
  • Trials and demos
  • Customer advocacy


One place to buy US & International Gifts
  • Top US gift brands like Amazon, Starbucks Coffee and Hulu
  • International gifts like worldwide Visa pre-paid cards
  • Charitable donations


Send gifts in your own Marketo email

Rybbon’s Marketo integration is unique. It allows you to insert gifts into any Marketo email. So gifts arrive from you (not an impersonal 3rd party) wrapped in your branding and messaging. Rybbon also gives you full control of the gifting page so you can present the gift in your voice and make a lasting impression.


Target gift recipients using Marketo

Choose recipients using Marketo Lists, Smart Lists and Program membership. Use Smart Campaigns to send gift emails. Automate on-going gifting processes using trigger-based Smart Campaigns.


Track delivery. Trigger next offer and follow-ups

Rybbon adds lead activity in Marketo when recipients claim their gift. Use this lead activity to automatically trigger follow-up emails or notify sales to follow-up. Capitalize on the attention and goodwill earned by your gift.


Never waste budget on unclaimed gifts

About 20% of gifts typically go unclaimed by recipients. With Rybbon, you can use unclaimed gifts in other campaigns. 



Contact us at and let us give you a tour.

Marketo Integration

Integrate in less than 10 minutes. No IT required.

If you can copy & paste, you can integrate Rybbon with Marketo.


Add gifts to any Marketo emails

Insert Rybbon gifts into any Marketo email using the Marketo email editor. Wrap the gifts with your own branding, messaging and calls-to-action.


Send gifts using Batch or Triggered Smart Campaigns

Use Smart Campaigns to send batch gift emails - for example, to webinar attendees and survey respondents. Or, trigger gift emails automatically on form submission, data value change, status change etc. – perfect for on-going programs like referrals.


Log lead activity when a gift is claimed

Rybbon logs lead activity in Marketo every time a recipient claims a gift. Use the lead activity to trigger any action like sending follow-up offers or notifying sales.


Test your gift emails and campaign flows

Use Rybbon’s testing features to preview gift emails and send test gifts. You can be confident campaigns are working as expected and gift recipients will have a great experience. All without expending real gifts!



Contact us at and let us give you a tour.