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Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency

Room 214  |  Services
Social & digital brainpower for Marketo. Room 214 pushes your marketing automation further with great ideas, smart data, and creative content.
Main Features
  • Campaign support for B2B & B2C
  • Research, strategy & ideas
  • In-house creative & dev teams
  • Award-winning experienced work

Creative and clever content fuels successful marketing efforts. Room 214 provides the social media expertise, marketing brainpower and content creation resources necessary for your marketing automation system to deliver the results you expect.

Room 214 is a digital marketing and social media agency, serving iconic brands across a range of B2B and B2C industries. You hire Room 214 when you are ready to take your marketing to the next level, and want a trusted advisor that can do exceptional work.

Leveraging its “Digital Path to Success” model, Room 214 engagements frequently begin with business intelligence and research to inform campaign strategies and execution. Clients then leverage Room 214’s in-house campaign management, creative and development resources to execute marketing efforts to perfection.

You hire us to help with:

Lead Gen: A new era of technology platforms to better connect marketing with sales is here. Room 214 helps you implement marketing automation best practices and technology for improving business processes, lead qualification and follow-up, campaign testing and optimization, and overall impact to revenues and profit.

Research: The power of data to inform decisions and strategy is more accessible than ever. From how Millennials grocery shop, to what topics are trending in any given industry – Room 214 helps you methodically drive insight through a range of online conversations, tools, research and analysis.

Social Media: Social media is now the fabric by which helping people is achieved. From individual and collective truths about your industry, to micro conversations about products, services and brands – social media is shaping perceptions, triggering emotions and guiding decisions.

Creative: Marketing online doesn’t exist without content. Whether your channel be video, web, mobile, social or otherwise you need a team who understands the challenges and best approaches associated with executing successful marketing content.

Development: Your success in outsourcing development ties to effective project management, technological expertise and service-spirited support. Room 214 helps you build, test, deploy and host online assets.

Training: If you believe knowledge is power, you understand training is essential to accelerating it. Room 214 helps you by extending a range of learning opportunities derived from real-world and front-line agency experience.