Roojoom Content Journeys

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Roojoom is an online marketing intelligence platform to increase conversion & engagement through personal content journeys across customer life cycle.
Main Features
  • Effortless Content Repurposing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Smart Lead Generation Forms
  • No Tech/ Design Skills Needed

Imagine being able to create amazingly beautiful content that engages and converts your users all across their customer life cycle, with no dependency on designers or developers.

This is what Roojoom will do for you

With Roojoom marketers lead their consumers through trails of content that are personalized and pre-designed for specific purposes. They implement into their marketing campaigns on multiple touch points in consumer life cycle with no design or IT involved.

Roojoom optimizes the content to increase business KPIs focusing on increasing conversion and lead generation every step of the way.

Our goal and mission

At Roojoom, we strive to help marketers control the performance of their content and significantly improve their business KPIs in a scalable and measurable way. We aim to give marketers the freedom to create engaging Content Journeys without involving any IT or designers in the process, and to help them analyze and improve the ROI from their content.

Typical KPI lifts:

We’re happy to share with you the following improvements on our customers’ performance metrics after they introduced Roojoom to their marketing strategies:

  • 700%+ increase in duration on site per unique site visit
  • 100%+ increase in conversion per unique site visit
  • 317%+ increase in page views per unique site visit
  • 500%+ increase in click-through-rates per unique site visit