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ConversionPath-Attribution Module for Marketo

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ConversionPath is the easy and scalable marketing attribution module for Marketo.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Track omnichannel performance
  • Enable multi-touch attribution
  • Integrates with any webform
  • Was built for Marketo

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. - John Wanamaker, early 1900s

Despite all the modern tools available to marketers, the marketing attribution problem still exists. Perhaps, even more now - as our digital environment became more sophisticated, the systems are still not capturing attribution data. Our solution was built for Marketo to allow marketers to track channel and campaign performance.

ConversionPath Tracks

ConversionPath for Marketo provides a complete view into the channels driving customer acquisition and customer lifetime value.

First Touch: the first visit a prospect made to your website
Last or Acquisition Touch: what compelled your prospect to convert to a known lead
Recent Touch: rotating value of the most recent campaign

Designed for Marketers

You maybe implementing Account-Based Marketing or just want to understand performance of your marketing mix - to do that, you'll need clean attribution data. From first touch to opportunities, you can demonstrate how marketing drives revenue, identify top performing channels and campaigns, gain more pre-funnel visibility, and optimize the spend.

And since our solution integrates with Marketo, you will be able to track performance of all of your marketing activities, organic or paid, digital or offline - directly in Marketo or your CRM. 

Simple Implementation

Whether you are just starting to track digital campaigns or have an existing strategy in place, ConversionPath can help set up attribution taxonomy and prevent the data leaks. 

Best of all, it was built for Marketo and it's a fast, simple integration.  


Learn more about ConversionPath and Marketo at

Marketo Integration

Once the attribution tracker is on your site, everything else happens behind the scenes.  Whenever a Marketo form is submitted, ConversionPath will record attribution data, including data from when the record was anonymous. 

While ConversionPath can work with other systems and forms, it was made for Marketo first and foremost.  This means integration is fast, simple and straightforward.

Most installs have these easy steps:
- Review your current attribution strategy
- Create attribution fields in CRM or Marketo
- Include ConversionPath tracking script on website(s)

And you will work with an experienced Marketo Certified expert to get this set up.

With true first touch, acquisition and last touch data, you can finally start to optimize your marketing mix.


Learn more about ConversionPath and Marketo at