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Origin Platform is a programmatic-marketing hub that empowers brands to engage in relevant conversations with consumers across all touchpoints.


Origin Platform is a programmatic-marketing hub that empowers brands to engage in progressively relevant conversations with consumers across a wide spectrum of digital channels. The Origin Platform is made up of three components that can be used independently or fully integrated with one another. All elements are in the same platform, using the same UI, meaning no data leakage and advanced optimization that truly is Marketing that Learns™.

Add the power of data to your advertising program. Centralize data collection and normalization, audience creation, computer learning, tag management, decisioning, and rules creation with Origin DMP. This technology is recognized as a leader by Forrester Research.

Plan, manage, and optimize real-time media buying, across all major RTB exchanges and publisher private-marketplace buys with creative decisioning across video, paid, social, and mobile. 

Optimize real-time interactive marketing on owned properties such as websites and mobile apps, including audience discovery and rules-based message decisioning.


Origin DMP

Our Origin DMP, fueled by industry-leading AI, sits at the center of our programmatic-marketing hub to make sure your marketing conversations become progressively more relevant.

Origin explores all available data sets to find your ideal audience. It dynamically updates segments to include users and act-alike users most likely to interact with your marketing. With a single click, Origin saves its work, ready to apply it to another channel.

THE LIFE OF FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD PARTY DATA: Capture and normalize audience data across more built-in third-party sources than any other data management platform. 

AUDIENCE BUILDER, FOR THE MOST SOPHISTICATED AUDIENCE SEGMENTS: Define the attributes of your most valuable customers, and syndicate these audiences to dozens of partners across our ecosystem.

ACTIONABLE, REAL-TIME DECISIONS ACROSS PAID AND OWNED CHANNELS: Simplify your real-time marketing execution across all channels.e use open APIs to send instructions to your display, site, emails, SMS, call center, and chat, all in real time. 

AGNOSTIC DMP + AN INTEGRATED PLATFORM: Use as much (or as little) of the Origin DMP as you like. Our open architecture lets you utilize whatever DSP, site analytics, or other third-party tool you want



Please refer to our Marketo Integration Set-up Guide.

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