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Sync SugarCRM, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook, Office 365, and more.


Provide valuable Customer Intelligence to your team

Riva provides a single integrated view for critical customer data for your non-Salesforce CRM and Marketo – including Marketo Sales Insights and Riva Customer Intelligence. Full support for SAP Hybris C4C, Sugar, Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CRM On Demand, SQL databases, and LoB and proprietary applications.   

Riva is a powerful, flexible and configurable option that gives your team the ability to follow leads more efficiently and have immediate access to valuable customer intelligence and real-time insights at your teams' fingertips in your CRM and email systems. 

Unlock the value of your CRM and Marketo

  • Your sales and marketing teams can quickly view and analyze Marketo-related information to drive marketing and sales activities, increasing your sales win rates.
  • Riva keeps your leads synced between Marketo and CRM in real time so your team is never in the dark on critical customer insights.
  • Riva provides proven and reliable integration and syncs custom fields that other solutions can't.
  • Mitigate data security risks. With Riva, you can be confident your data is secure. Riva customers are pleased to discover they can easily meet strict ISO certification requirements.
  • User adoption is easy since Riva is transparent to users!
  • Administrators love Riva for it's easy implementation and the ability to control every aspect of sync. It's integration done your way.

Experience the Riva difference

Riva has an award-winning team of dedicated individuals ready to help you through your installation so you can start seeing the ROI of your marketing dollars as quickly as possible. Contact us today to get started!


What Riva syncs between Marketo and your CRM / email system

    Accounts, Contacts and Leads

      Riva can be configured to sync contacts and/or leads and account data from CRM to Marketo based on your requirements. In most environments, we see that contact records sync bi-directionally and opportunities sync one way from CRM to Marketo. Riva can be configured to automatically create records from Marketo in CRM once Marketo lead scores have reached a specified threshold or any number of other criteria.

        Marketo lead nurturing data

          Riva syncs Marketo contact lead scores and history to CRM contacts. We can also configure Riva to sync the individual and accumulated Marketo contact lead scores and history to the related CRM accounts. For contact and lead synchronization from Marketo to CRM, Riva will match the first contact/lead based on email address.

            CRM opportunities

              Riva provides a one-way sync of CRM opportunity data to Marketo. Off the shelf, Riva syncs the following opportunity fields: opportunity name, account name, type, lead source, amount, close date, sales stage, creation date, close date, description, and status. Note that there are some Marketo fields that don’t exist by default in some CRM systems. If you would like to sync these fields to CRM, custom fields will need to be added to your CRM. We work with your team during initial setup and configuration to map these custom fields.


                  This is where Riva shines. As long as we have the individual user registration codes, Riva can sync email information from Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Google Apps, IBM Notes, and GroupWise to CRM. And then, from CRM to Marketo for all supported email systems, email clients, and mobile devices, including: Outlook, Outlook Web App, Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail, Gmail, IBM Notes, GroupWise, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone devices.

                  Riva for Marketo Sales Insights for CRM and Outlook

                  Riva for Marketo Sales Insights for CRM and Outlook allows CRM users to view Marketo related information for contacts and leads directly in CRM. This information includes:

                  • Web Page Visits
                  • Fill Out Form
                  • Clicked Links
                  • Emails Sent
                  • Alerts Sent
                  • E-mails Delivered
                  • Email Opens
                  • Email Clicks
                  • Emails Bounced
                  • Unsubscribed Emails
                  • Sales Insights
                  • Interesting Moments
                  • Scoring

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                  Finally being able to connect our marketing campaigns with our sales activities is the last step in being able to prove the ROI of marketing dollars. We love the insights we've gained.
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