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Riva CRM Integration

Riva CRM Integration  |  Platforms
Riva syncs Marketo to CRM and email systems.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Sync Marketo data to your CRM:
  • Accounts, contacts and leads
  • Marketo lead nurturing data
  • CRM opportunities and email

Riva delivers reliable and seamless advanced integration between Marketo and a dozen of the world's best CRM systems and email platforms. Whether your marketing or sales staff are using PCs, Macs, or mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone devices), Riva’s got you covered.

What Riva syncs between Marketo and CRMs:

Accounts, contacts, and leads
Marketo lead nurturing data
CRM opportunities

Riva for Marketo Sales Insights (Version 2.0)

Our latest release of Riva for Marketo Sales Insights was built specifically around Marketo's and our shared customers' feature requests.

New Sales Insights features:

- Professional and easy-to-use user interface in CRM
- Search bar, activity filtering, sortable columns, pagination
- Ability to view Marketo data directly in CRM (e.g., web page visits, clicked links, sent emails, delivered emails, opened emails, clicked emails, bounced emails)
- Support for sales insights, interesting moments, lead scoring, filling out forms, unsubscribed emails, and alerts sent

Riva is trusted by over 125,000 CRM users and 1,200 companies to sync their CRM systems with email, Marketo, and other enterprise cloud applications every day. Our customers include 3 of the top 5 U.S. banks, 15 of the world’s largest banks, 35 Fortune 500 companies, numerous Global 1000 companies, and hundreds of fast growing SMBs.

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Marketo Integration

What Riva syncs between Marketo and your CRM/email system
  • Accounts, Contacts and Leads
    Riva can be configured to sync contacts and/or leads and account data from CRM to Marketo based on your requirements. In most environments, we see that contact records sync bi-directionally and opportunities sync one way from CRM to Marketo. Riva can be configured to automatically create records from Marketo in CRM once Marketo lead scores have reached a specified threshold or any number of other criteria.
  • Marketo lead nurturing data
    Riva syncs Marketo contact lead scores and history to CRM contacts. We can also configure Riva to sync the individual and accumulated Marketo contact lead scores and history to the related CRM accounts. For contact and lead synchronization from Marketo to CRM, Riva will match the first contact/lead based on email address.
  • CRM opportunities
    Riva provides a one-way sync of CRM opportunity data to Marketo. Off the shelf, Riva syncs the following opportunity fields: opportunity name, account name, type, lead source, amount, close date, sales stage, creation date, close date, description, and status. Note that there are some Marketo fields that don’t exist by default in some CRM systems. If you would like to sync these fields to CRM, custom fields will need to be added to your CRM. We work with your team during initial setup and configuration to map these custom fields.
  • Email
    This is where Riva shines. As long as we have the individual user registration codes, Riva can sync email information from Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Google Apps, IBM Notes, and GroupWise to CRM. And then, from CRM to Marketo for all supported email systems, email clients, and mobile devices, including: Outlook, Outlook Web App, Outlook for Mac, Apple Mail, Gmail, IBM Notes, GroupWise, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone devices.