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RingLead streamlines the health of your database by continuously capturing, cleansing, protecting, & enriching your data with innovative technology.


RingLead apps enable Salesforce users to identify and dedupe existing Leads, Accounts, and Contacts, as well as to prevent the creation of duplicates in real time at the point of data entry.

They are simple and easy-to-use. Powerful heuristic pattern algorithms prevent and identify duplicates in a much more effective way than is possible natively in either Salesforce or Marketo.

Joint RingLead/Marketo clients include CA Technologies, 8x8, Charter, GE, Canon, Apple, Adroll, HP and Verizon to name a few.

Duplicate data is a nightmare for marketers because it makes it impossible to accurately measure metrics, or to properly segment. Lead scores get distributed amongst duplicate records instead of concentrated in a master record so SQL's are overlooked. Mixed up messaging causes embarrassment and the Sales team loses confidence in Marketing's effectiveness. DUPLICATES ALSO COST A TON OF $$$ TO STORE IN MARKETO. Aruba Networks saved over $100,000 on their Marketo subscription by using RingLead to deduplicate their Leads.

With RingLead, you can cleanse duplicates in minutes. You can also prevent fuzzy match duplicates on web submissions, list import, and manual entry. 

RingLead also makes it easy to link or convert Leads to matching Accounts in bulk or real time. This allows admins to implement ABM in their marketing strategy! 


Duplicate Prevention

Painlessly identify and merge duplicate records using 55+ custom matching logic rules and an automated deduplication task scheduler.

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RingLead Easily Integrates with Marketo Marketing Automation Applications. The result? A Hyper-Efficient Marketing System.

Relying on Marketo’s standard deduplication functionality, which matches duplicates based on exact-match email address alone, has the potential to allow many duplicate Leads/Contacts into Salesforce & Marketo. Today’s marketing landscape includes multiple data entry points which are tied to various prospect touch-points, including whitepaper downloads, free trial signup pages, contest entry forms and more.

If a prospect signs up for a free trial with their business email but downloads a whitepaper with their personal email, your system will inevitably create two separate records for the same prospect.

The RingLead / Marketo integration prevents duplicates in Salesforce AND also prevents the creation of duplicates in Marketo.

RingLead DMS, which is available to Marketo customers via Webhooks, allows you to leverage RingLead’s advanced duplicate matching logic, making it possible to update existing Leads and Contacts and notify the existing record owner or an administrative user of the recent activity – all according to your unique configuration settings. Additionally, when a record already exists in Salesforce, RingLead will merge the incoming prospect with the existing Marketo prospect which Marketo synced with the Salesforce ID RingLead found as a match. 

Why are duplicates in Marketo a problem?

Here are some of the ways that duplicate records are affecting your marketing automation system.

Inaccurate Lead Scoring

In the example above, the Lead Scoring points that are associated with a whitepaper download would be associated with a new lead, joe.prospect2@gmail.com. Those Lead Scoring points should have been associated with the original record in the system, joe@ABCompany.com. This will equate to hot leads being left behind in Marketo and not being distributed to your sales reps for follow up.

Decreased Open Rates

Using the same scenario as before, you will be sending emails (via drip nurturing campaigns, one-time email blasts, etc.) to both of these records, joe@ABCompany.com and joe.prospect2@gmail.com. It’s likely that an email open will register with only one of these records since Joe Prospect will probably only open one of these emails.

Increased Cost of Marketo

A key component of your Marketo license is based on the size of your database; in other words, duplicates are piling up in your Marketo database and costing you money!

How our Marketo Integration Works

RingLead is proud to offer a fully integrated solution that prevents duplicates in Salesforce and Marketo.

Using RingLead’s advanced duplicate matching algorithm with Salesforce, as well as a modified workflow using Marketo allows you to preserve the benefits of Marketo’s nurturing and scoring processes, and keeps data in Marketo and Salesforce cleaner than email address based deduping.

How does this work with Salesforce? When you're preventing duplicates in Salesforce, you'll need to account for four scenarios when receiving data from a webform submission or a list import:

  • Find existing Contacts to append.
  • Find an existing Account and attach a new Contact.
  • Find existing Leads to append.
  • Create a new Lead record only as last resort. 


Why is it important to use RingLead vs. Marketo's standard dupe prevention?

Marketo will prevent duplicates based on exact match emails only. Email only deduping and duplicate prevention falls short in several areas. First, it cannot account for scenario #2 at all, meaning there could be an existing Account, but because the email address doesn’t exist in the database, there will be no match found and a new Lead will be created, forcing the sales rep to manually review and convert the Lead as a new Contact against an existing Account.

Second, people today use multiple email addresses. Email only deduping could not find similarities between bob.smith@acme.com, robert.smith@acme.com, rsmith@acme.com, robert.smith@gmail.com, etc, which may be the same person when additional criteria are considered.

In this case, Marketo would treat each address as a separate Lead, creating duplicates in Marketo’s database as well as in Salesforce, forcing the rep to manually merge the duplicates.

To learn more about the RingLead integration with Marketo and see how you can build an advanced duplicate prevention system in Salesforce, contact one of our sales representatives, or sign up for a free trial.

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