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RingLead Data Cleanse

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RingLead Data Cleanse identifies and merges duplicates in your Salesforce database that will merge duplicates in Marketo when the database synch
Main Features
  • Powerful and simple to use
  • No more staring and comparing
  • Increase revenue by up to 70%

RingLead apps enable Salesforce users to identify and dedupe existing Leads, Accounts, and Contacts, as well as to prevent the creation of duplicates in real time at the point of data entry.

They are simple and easy-to-use. Powerful heuristic pattern algorithms prevent and identify duplicates in a much more effective way than is possible natively in either Salesforce or Marketo.

Joint RingLead/Marketo clients include Appirio, 8x8, Tata Consulting, Kaseya, EchoSign,and Yammer to name a few.

Duplicate data is a nightmare for marketers because it makes it impossible to accurately measure metrics, or to properly segment. Lead scores get distributed amongst duplicate records instead of concentrated in a master record so SQL's are overlooked. Mixed up messaging causes embarrassment and the Sales team loses confidence in Marketing's effectiveness. 

RingLead Data Cleanse is perfect for marketing users who do not have a Ph.D in duplicates. Other tools demand that users construct mind numbing scenarios to identify duplicats records that can lead to CRM confusion.

RingLead Data Cleanse will dedupe Account-Account, Contact to Contact, Lead-Lead, Lead-Contact and Lead- Account (useful for identifying orphan Leads and converting them to Contact in matching Accounts.