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Dupe Dive

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Dupe Dive is a free duplicates diagnostic app that will tell you how many duplicate Leads you have in your Salesforce org. Install in Salesforce now!
Main Features
  • Free Salesforce app
  • No complicated scenarios
  • One click results
  • No Ph.D in duplicates required

Dupe Dive is a free Salesforce duplicates diagnostic app that combines business intelligence, social media/the social enterprise, gamification, benchmarking, and philanthropy in a novel and fun way. 

The app installs in your Salesforce org easily with a few clicks, and with one click will scan your Salesforce org using RingLead's powerful heuristic pattern matching algorithm that is far more sophisticated than the native duplicates detection feature of either Salesforce or Marketo

Dupe Dive provides users with actionable insights into their Salesforce database's data quality that would be very difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Duplicates cause tremendous problems for Marketo users, making it challenging to properly segment campaigns. 

Duplicates cause marketing metrics to be improperly calculated. 

Lead scoring becomes inaccurate when there are duplicates in your Marketo database because scores will be distributed amongst the duplicate (or triplicate or quadruplicate) records rather than concentrated on a single one. As a result MQL's that should cross the scoring threshold and become SQL's are not identified, so sales qualified opportunities are overlooked.

Duplicate records cause embarrassing communication snafu's like sending offers intended for Leads to existing Contacts.

Duplicate data will ultimately cause the sales team to lose confidence in Marketing's competence and effectives, which is probably the most damaging effect duplicate data will have.

Dupe Dive is a simple and free way to gain insight into your Lead data quality and help you justify the business case and ROI for an investment in RingLEad's suite of deduping and duplicate prevention apps.