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Data Shield

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Data Shield is a firewall for data standards, enforcing the normalization rules of your organization in real-time, as data enters Marketo.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • A firewall for data standards
  • Say goodbye to UPPERCASE DATA

Data normalization is one of the foundations of data quality, and data quality is directly related to peak revenue engine performance.

Like most everything else in Marketo, the order of operations in data quality matters, too.

It is a best practice to normalize data first. The RingLead Data Shield webhook will both prevent non-standard (LIKE ALL CAPS) data from entering Marketo from a webform, list import, or manual entry as well as normalize all the existing data in your Marketo instance.

During your sync with your connected CRM, all data that was normalized in Marketo will be synced with your CRM, adding additional data quality value.

Data Shield's web based UI contains dozens of rules for defining and enforcing data standards in such categories as:

+ Company names
+ Person Names
+ URLs
+ Streets
+ Cities
+ States and provinces
+ Phones (US)
+ Job titles

Implementing Data Shield is quick and configuring and enforcing the rules is much easier than using the Multiple Value Chooser.

You will no longer have to wrack your brain trying to figure out all the permutations of Vice President of Sales (there are nine).

RingLead Data Shield is the perfect complement to the RingLead Unique Web Lead webhook, the best practice is to include both webhooks in one program. Normalizing your data will make your duplicates solutions even more effective.

Put an end to Dear GREGG emails.

Marketo Integration

For full details on the Marketo integration, speak with someone from RingLead.