Brand Reputation and Review Monitoring

ReviewTrackers  |  Applications
Software that helps businesses manage and generate online reviews, engage and respond to customer feedback, and discover key customer insights.
Main Features
  • Manage reviews and feedback
  • Analyze customer data
  • Text & Sentiment Analysis
  • Powerful reporting engine

ReviewTrackers helps enterprise businesses build their brand reputation and ensure customer success by using data, insights and technology. As an award-winning customer feedback platform, it is trusted by tens of thousands of marketing teams around the world to securely and accurately track, measure, and collect impactful business data.

With over 70 review data partnerships and proprietary technology, ReviewTrackers actively monitors and collects reviews for location-based businesses.

Through a custom API and numerous integrations, the software delivers consumer insights and helps brands better understand their customers. Important metrics such as consumer sentiment, customer pain-points, and Net Promoter Score enable businesses to understand the customer experience, improve it, and improve brand reputation.

ReviewTrackers is built to scale for enterprise-sized businesses with multiple, decentralized teams in need of efficient collaboration. The robust software has been proven to empower clients to succeed by efficiently monitoring their online feedback, managing business reputation, and understanding customers in ways that make a positive impact on their bottom line.