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Revenue2 for Marketo

Revenue2  |  Services
Revenue2: dedicated to helping you effectively use marketing automation systems to analyze campaign results and align your marketing and sales goals.
Main Features
  • Marketo Implementation
  • Demand Generation
  • Lead to Customer Lifecycle
  • CRM Integration

When playing the modern marketing game, you want to have the most powerful teammates on your side. Let us be your Marketo MVP.

Revenue2 knows all the best plays to help you use Marketo to its fullest potential. Whether you’re implementing Marketo for the first time or looking for support as you build successful demand generation or nurture programs, we can help.

Already working with an agency you love? No problem. We can work with your agency, along with your internal design and marketing team, to help you execute your campaigns faster in Marketo and ensure you’re set up to effectively analyze key performance indicators.

The road to revenue requires a repeatable, systematic approach to aligning marketing and sales efforts. We can facilitate the development of a lead-to-customer lifecycle that optimizes marketing conversations at the top of funnel and ensures that your sales team has all the insight required to confidently take the next step to qualify and close at the end of the funnel.

Allow Revenue2 to help you develop a solid marketing playbook. Marketo is a valuable tool to manage your business’s ability to acquire new names and convert them to customers. We can help you close that loop between marketing and sales into a well-oiled machine. With Revenue2 at your side, your business can win big.