Revenew Through-Channel Marketing Automation

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Revenew® is a through-channel marketing automation platform that allows brands to enable marketing at scale while maintaining control and visibility.
Main Features
  • Channel Management
  • Marketing & Content Management
  • Fund Management
  • Lead Management

Revenew® is the leading through-channel marketing automation platform that brings control, transparency and a holistic view to channel marketing. On Revenew, enterprise brands are able to market to, through and for their channel partners at scale, empowering partners across the globe to market, compete, and grow in their local area.

Revenew has been built from the ground-up to be a holistic, scalable solution that can be readily deployed for any distributed organization. The platform combines best in class channel management and engagement, marketing content and tools, fund management, leads and data management and metrics and reporting onto one enterprise-level solution that gives brands everything they need to manage channel marketing at scale and provide channel partners what they need to easily execute professional marketing.