Retention Marketing Solutions

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Retention Science, the global leader in Retention Marketing, is the best way to target, engage and retain your customers.
Main Features
  • Data Analysis
  • Retention Automation
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Campaign Analytics

Our data driven, SaaS-based Retention Marketing platform aggregates and cleans all your customer data – including behavioral, transactional, social, demographic, and custom data sets. We then apply machine learning and predictive algorithms to profile your customers and predict behaviors such as likelihood to purchase, churn, and lifetime value.

Our automated platform drives customer engagement and spending by delivering targeted campaigns via email, onsite display, mobile, point of purchase, call center and other channels.  This scientific process drives higher customer revenue, customer lifecycle value and encourages brand advocacy.

Discover our all-in-one Retention Marketing platform:

  • Data Analysis - We analyze all your customer data sources to profile and predict customer behavior.
  • Retention Automation - Our scientific platform triggers targeted multi-channel retention campaigns for each customer, saving you time and guesswork.
  • Lifecycle Marketing - We identify each customer’s lifecycle position and deliver lifecycle campaigns that engage and convert.
  • Campaign Analytics - Access dashboards analytics and reports to track the success of your campaigns.