Easy 2-way SMS for Marketo

By Resolution Marketing Services

98% open rate, 90% of messages read within 3 minutes. No junk folder. What's stopping you?


In your Marketo instance.  We will install a live SMS engine inside of your Marketo. 

Uni or bi-directional.  Uni: Informational SMS for an event reminder or a package delivery.  Bi: send and listen for a response. Your Marketo program can respond accordingly, in real time!

No limits. No thresholds.  We can scale to many hundreds of thousands of messages per hour [think TV-reality show voting].  But many of our customers are small businesses [think dentists and car-yards].  There's no limitations or thresholds to reach or "minimum spend requirements".  Ans we have packages to suit all volumes.


Easy SMS integrates with Marketo via the API - so Marketo Standard and above is supported [no Spark, sorry!].

You'll need the following:

i) Admin access to Marketo

ii) Admin access to a Message SMS account that we will set up for you 

To integrate Easy SMS into your Marketo:

  • Build the Webhook that connects your Marketo with the Messaging Service
  • Create two additional fields on your Leads to store/record the statuses of the bi-directional SMSs being sent
  • Build your SMS Channel with statuses Undeliverable, Delivered, Clicked, Responded, Unsubscribed
  • Build an SMS program template for cloning. This program should include:
    • Two My Tokens: SMS Message, Program ID
    • An outbound folder with a Batch and Tigger smart campaign
    • A member status folder with the status updates mentioned in the channel

All of the above can be installed/effected for you by our experts.

SMS customers are in every region of the world including the USA, India, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, France, Spain, Brazil, Chile, South Africa and our home country of Australia.  Messages are sent from a localised number - so your clients know no different.

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