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A SaaS based integrated real-time Marketing Campaign Management (MCM) solution that is the bridge between big data and enterprise marketer.
Main Features
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Marketing Orchestration
  • Multi - Channel B2C
  • Real-time message triggers

The Relevvant Marketing Orchestration Platform offers best-in-class solutions for each marketing channel.  This is the only platform that allows marketers to easily create informed, multi-layered campaign strategies driven by any or all data: predictive analysis, CRM, social data, purchasing data, web behavior, device type, performance testing, and more.

Connect to any user-centric data elements from any data source to create 360º timelines of customer experiences with your company for deeper insights, segmentation, and predictive analytics.

Marketing teams use the Relevvant platform at varying levels of complexity – from simple SMS or email targeting to designing complex data-driven campaigns across email, social, mobile, website, and direct mail channels – all with the industry’s most simple UI.

Orchestrate personalized customer experiences across any channel: mobile messaging, email, dynamic pages, mobile push, print, and social display.