Rekener Account Control Center

By Rekener

The Account Control Center brings together data from all your BizOps systems to understand your accounts, and target best ones.


Grow Recurring Revenue with the Rekener Account Control Center.

Bring data from Marketo, Salesforce, Mixpanel, Zendesk, and your other BizOps systems together to perform powerful analytics, and then operationalize that analysis.

The Account Control Center is an operational platform, hosted in the cloud.  When you sign up and connect systems to Rekener, a Master Account List will be automatically generated, which joins data across all of your systems and calculates metrics on those accounts.  

Perform powerful analytics in the Rekener platform, and then create target groups where you can find just the best leads and contacts within the highest potential accounts, and push them to your Sales and Marketing teams.


The Marketo integration with Rekener will pull in data from your Marketo leads and activities, and attach that data to your accounts in the Rekener Account Control Center.  This will let you see information like Web Visits, Page Views, and Email Clicks, by account in Rekener.  You can also create custom metrics using Marketo data.  For example, you can track views of specific webpages, or submissions of particular forms.

You can use this data to analyze how different segments of customers perform, or use it to help your targeting efforts when choosing which accounts for your Marketing and Sales teams to focus on.

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