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Intelligent Data Management

ReIntent  |  Applications
ReIntent’s automated data management solution ensures you always know how to reach your prospects no matter if they change roles or move companies.
Main Features
  • Revive Aging Leads
  • Campaign Personalization
  • Automated Data Maintenance

Forget about managing your data. ReIntent’s Data Management Solution constantly keeps track of where your prospects work, what their titles are, and how you can reach them. All right within Marketo.

Each field below is checked in Marketo for accuracy and corrected if inaccurate. If your prospect data does not have these fields then new fields are created and the data is appended to each record. The fields verified, corrected, and appended by ReIntent include:


Contact Fields Account Fields
  • First Name, Last Name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Department
  • Level (CxO, VP, Dir, Mgr)
  • Location
  • LinkedIn
  • Complete Name
  • Revenue
  • No. of Employees
  • HQ Address
  • Corp Phone
  • Website
  • Industry

ReIntent benefits:

  • Revive Old Leads. Bring your aging prospect data back to life – whether 5,000 or 5,000,000 records. Determine if leads have changed companies, find their new contact info, and gather the data you need to execute personalized marketing.
  • Arm Salespeople with Fresh Intelligence. Salespeople won’t need to do pre-call research before contacting a lead. All of a lead’s latest intelligence - title, contact info, account intelligence - is all gathered and attached to the lead when it lands in a salesperson’s hands.
  • Automated Maintenance. Always know where your prospects work and what their latest titles are. No more having to keep track of your prospects.

How It Works:

ReIntent is a software solution that uses algorithms to intelligently search and capture your prospects’ current data from the web instantly. It’s an innovative technology that accurately, quickly, and automatically cleanses your lead data in Marketo. 


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