Reel Qualified Video-Based Lead Qualification Platform

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Reel Qualified offers a video-based lead qualification platform with behavior based reporting and proprietary lead scoring.
Main Features
  • Video Analytics
  • Real-time CRM Integration
  • Lead Capture & Qualification
  • Custom Branding
Reel Qualified gives you a platform for video-powered campaigns to engage your audience, capture & qualify leads, and analyze campaigns with real-time results, enabling you to adjust your marketing for greater ROI. Reel Qualified's campaign Lures allow you to quickly and easily embed video into existing marketing initiatives for improved conversion rates of +25-200%.

The Reel Qualified Dashboard makes setting up video campaigns quick and easy from uploading videos to customizing the lead capture forms and survey questions. Integration with CRM solutions allows for real-time lead synchronization and Reel Qualified's video analytics lead scoring provides in-depth reporting.

From the moment a user clicks on a link to watch the first video Reel Qualified's proprietary FIN Scoring algorithm begins evaluation the prospect's behavior as they interact with content on the platform. The initial video is "Gate-Free" so only truly interested prospects are converted into leads. FIN Scoring gives marketing managers tremendous insight into how interested prospects are in their offerings based on the types of content they access and how much information they volunteer in the process. This speeds up the lead qualification process and moves at a faster pace.