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Readz offers the easiest and fastest way to create interactive brand content for the web. Drive more conversions - no coding or templates necessary.


What does Readz do?

Readz is a content creation platform empowering marketers and designers to create beautiful digital experiences with an easy-to-use drag and drop platform, and integrated marketing stack - no coding or templates necessary

  • Create Content easily and quickly without IT or Developers -

    • Save money on production. Create more content with the same budget

  • Build and launch interactive content instantly - Build unique sites, white papers, magazines, lookbooks or catalogues in days or even hours.

  • Break into new audiences with great content - Complement your existing Marketo  platform with meaningful content to increase engagement and generate sales with direct linking.


Marketo Integration


Readz for Marketo gives you the fastest and easiest way to add more content marketing tactics to your strategy. Use Readz's design network and creation platform combined with Marketo and see how your audiences interact with landing pages, microsites, lookbooks, web magazines and more.


  • Get to know your audiences. Use Marketo forms in content created on Readz to identify your visitors and capture lead information.
  • Improve your content and marketing messages. Get detailed analytics on what content performs and resonates with your audiences.
  • Create in-line CTA's. Use narratives and storytelling, create compelling and visually attractive experiences, all while placing call-to-actions within your content.

Readz - Bring Maximum Engagement To Your Campaigns

Readz is the one-stop solution for brands to create interactive brand content for the web. Brands are producing more content than ever. But Readz customers stand out. Our customers improve readership and conversions on their content by 8- to 100-times, when built on Readz. 

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