ReadyTalk for Marketo

By ReadyTalk

Create Connection with your most important audience through ReadyTalk's full-featured webinar solution that integrates directly with Marketo.


Do you use Marketo to execute campaigns and manage leads? Do webinars play a key role in your lead generation efforts?

Increase accuracy and move leads through the funnel faster with ReadyTalk’s full-featured and reliable webinar solution that integrates directly with Marketo.

Host Flawless Webinars with ReadyTalk

  • Comprehensive pre-, in- and post-webinar features
  • No downloads, so participants can join without hassle
  • Host events with as many as 3,000 attendees
  • With Simulive, leverage existing ReadyTalk recordings as part of your live event
  • Personalized support and service from our team of event experts
  • High-quality audio delivered over the phone or streaming to the desktop

Additional Key Features

  • Desktop or Individual Application Sharing
  • Share pre-recorded video clips
  • One-Click Recording
  • Chat/Q&A Sessions
  • Customizable Polling Questions
  • Desktop & Mobile Participation
  • Post-Meeting Surveys
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Easy-to-use recording tools
  • Industry-standard file formats for recordings



Save time and drive better results with the ReadyTalk for Marketo Integration:

  • Leverage Marketo for registration landing pages and all webinar-related email, including confirmation and reminder emails
  • Drive higher attendance rates by including a unique ICS file in confirmation and reminder emails sent from Marketo with all the information your participants need to join
  • In-Webinar engagement data, such as attendance, chat, polling and survey response data syncs immediately after the event is over to help speed sales follow-up
  • Dedicated Integration Support Team and Comprehensive User Documentation

For more information on how to integrate ReadyTalk with Marketo, please see the link to our User Guide on the right.

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