SmartForms: Validate & Append Inbound Leads

By ReachForce

Close the gap between short forms that visitors will complete, and the rich data required to achieve relevancy with improved lead and account data.



Accelerate your inbound leads by validating and appending high-quality contact and account data

Savvy B2B marketers often feel they face a choice: between short forms on landing pages that drive conversions, and capturing significant data for marketing automation efforts. 

Sales teams, lead generators, and marketing operations professionals rely on SmartForms to append account and contact level data behind the scenes. Our real-time form enrichment automatically adds dynamic data to your marketing database so that you can reduce abandonment rates and increase conversions with short, streamlined forms. 

How does it work? On your forms, you can ask the minimum fields from prospects while SmartForms validates and appends in the background with one line of code. 

What do I get? 120+ appended contact and account level fields that matter the most to your business including complete company mailing address, main phone number, company revenue, employee count, industry and much more, in real-time as leads enter your Marketo system.


Two easy ways to implement: 

  1. Cloud-configuration with one line of code added to your landing pages 
  2. SDK Javascript for custom workflows 






ReachForce SmartForms integrate additional data fields to your Marketo forms. This additional data is passed into your Marketo system along with the your visible lead form questions using hidden fields, making this data immediately available to your Marketo and CRM lead scoring, lead routing, campaign and program triggers, progressive profiling and nurture programs. 

Implementation Steps

  1. Select append fields and other options.
  2. Target high traffic forms.
  3. Add custom prefixed fields to CRM, Synch to MA
    (e.g., RF_ConfidenceLevel, RF_Site_Company, RF_DHQ_Company).
  4. Clone Form, Add Hidden Inputs, Send URL.
  5. Get SmartForms Token ID.
  6. Map Form Input Fields & Elements.
  7. Modify Form Submit Action.
  8. Post-Configuration Check / Troubleshooting.

 Client Steps are 1-4, ReachForce CSM and Solutions Teams handle Steps 5-8.  SmartForms is extremely simple to setup and the deployment time can be measured in as little as hours, however, most clients are completely finished within a week.

Knowledge & Requirements: 
The ability to create custom fields in your CRM and/or Marketing Automation system, edit the HTML on your registration page & a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Not using Salesforce? 
SmartForms work with any CRM and field mapping support is always included by our legendary ReachForce Customer Success Team.

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