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Continuously Unify, Clean & Enrich your Data

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Continuously unify, clean & enrich your data to fuel data-driven marketing success and make automation, personalization & predictive marketing better
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Continuous Data Quality Mgmnt
  • Data Unification
  • Structured Data Appending
  • Segmenting, Scoring,Routing

Continuous Data Management For the B2B Marketer

The Challenge: How can you make data-driven decisions without good data?

“Big Data” and “data-driven marketing” are on the lips of every B2B marketer today, but they are mere buzzwords unless a fundamental three-part problem is addressed:


1. Data quality: Most B2B databases have poor data quality that get 3% worse every month.

2. Data Completeness:  The typical marketing database is missing large amounts of data required for nurturing, scoring, routing, targeting & segmentation.

3. Data overload / data integration: Each new marketing technology within a business represents a silo of inconsistent data, and without data unification, data quality can’t be addressed.


The Solution: ReachForce Continuous Marketing Data Management


How it works:


We match and unify all of your relevant but disparate customer marketing data in a central location. With a single source of the truth for all people, company and transaction data, you get a true 360-degree customer view.


We de-dupe, standardize, normalize, correct and verify your data — on a continuous basis. With always-on data management, you can stay ahead of degrading data quality.


In real-time, we append inbound/registration form data with external demographic, firmographic, social and install base data for more complete customer profiles and better personalization and predictive marketing.


We enable unprecedented segmentation with automated list-building, and an unmatched level of account-based marketing attribution. Our rich data-centric analytics and dashboards provide the complete view you need to maximize your campaigns.


Summary:  By unifying, cleansing, enriching and activating your customer data, ReachForce helps B2B Marketers solve their toughest data quality, data completeness and data integration problems.  And, by offering these capabilities in one "always-on" solution, the result is the unified, centralized, 360 degree customer view required to fuel data-driven marketing and to make initiatives like personalization, automation, and predictive marketing … better.

Marketo Integration

ReachForce has over 150 integrated Marketo customers ... contact us today to learn more.