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Rapt Media is an advanced video platform powering premium, mobile-ready interactive videos. Create data-driven video experiences.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Interactive video editor
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Import any video file
  • Cloud-based platform

Marketers have been trying to “crack the code” with video for years – often experimenting with video content that’s difficult to measure, and video ads they know are getting skipped. Interactive video is changing the way businesses are reaching their customers, and Rapt Media’s technology makes creating interactive videos easier than ever without compromising on quality.


  • Double conversions: Use interactive video to build active customer relationships that drive conversions.
  • 3x longer engagements: Create video content that's more compelling and valuable than traditional online video.
  • Increase click-throughs: Captivate your viewers and see up to 14x higher CTRs than industry average. 
  • Higher-value viewers: Interactivity means users are more immersed in the site, making each view a higher value.
  • Sharper customer insights: Gain comprehensive insights on SQLs without requiring completion of complex forms.
  • Reach customers anywhere: Capture average viewing times of more than 4 minutes on smartphones and tablets.

The Rapt Media interactive video authoring platform is meant for creative professionals of all types. Our highly flexible editor is simple yet powerful, allowing you to focus on your ideas – not on the technology.


Using your Rapt Media interactive video to drive understanding of your users is easy, and the metrics and results that you glean utilizing a MAS like Marketo are mind-blowing. For example, if you integrate your video initiatives with Marketo, you can track viewer behavior down to the individual and assign them a lead value based on what content they consume.

With this type of intel, marketers can also figure out what’s working in the video and what isn’t, and can iterate on the video, making changes that will lead the user to the call-to-action or to the video’s overall desired result.

Marketo Integration

Rapt Media’s integration with Marketo drives lead qualifications and user intelligence through nonlinear branching interactive video. One of the things marketers struggle with most is how to make a form less cumbersome while still collecting the wealth of data they need. With a Marketo-integrated Rapt Media interactive video, which uses the customer’s self interest to get them to volunteer their data as they travel through a branching interactive video, you don’t have to make the same sacrifice.

Since customers who interact with a Rapt Media video are also getting useful information, the barrier of completing the form is reduced, leading to better conversion without having to sacrifice the form’s quality. Rapt Media videos work as a value exchange of information. As you collect viewers’ data through Marketo, viewers in turn receive content that is pertinent to their specific needs.


Integrating Marketo with a Rapt Media interactive video is easy. Embedding the Rapt Media for Marketo code into your website pushes information from your Rapt Media video up to Marketo. From there, you can put users into campaigns or programs. For example, if you ask the viewer to choose their position (C-level, manager-level, or team-level) within the interactive video, their choice will then be populated into a form in the background and uploaded to Marketo via the integration.

By answering questions through the entertaining medium of interactive video, the viewer is volunteering their information, and unknowingly completing what would normally be a long and cumbersome form.


Nope. We’ll provide you with the code, and all you need is the ability to put javascript on your website. If you don’t have the resources, we can give you everything you need to turn your interactive video into a marketing automation machine. No code customization is required on your end. You simply put the code we provide you onto your Marketo-tracked page, and you’re all set.


Rapt Media for Marketo is available to our enterprise-level customers. Click here to learn more.