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RainKing makes Marketo even smarter by adding detailed information about prospects to improve lead scoring, reduce bounces, and personalize messages.


RainKing; is used by hundreds of the world’s leading IT vendors to get in-depth intelligence and analytics about their buyers that they can’t get anywhere else. RainKing makes Marketo even smarter by injecting the detailed information about prospects to improve lead scoring, eliminate bounced emails, and dynamically personalize every message. RainKing has helped over 10,000 sales and marketing professionals find their most likely buyers and understand their needs so they can rise above the noise. Don't take our word for it, see the testimonials at www.rainkingonline.com; to learn how great companies are getting value from better context, not just contacts: more meetings, higher response rates, faster deal cycles, more revenue. Or learn more on our blog, The Sales and Marketing Insider, at http://www.rainkingonline.com/blog/.


RainKing allows one-click integration with Marketo. RainKing knows who your most likely buyers are, and has detailed intelligence about them. This information makes Marketo smarter. 

- Augment existing contacts with current, verified data to improve targeting and deliverability
- Add net new decision makers that you didn't have before 
- Improve lead routing and lead scoring by fueling Marketo with better information up front
- Add personas to your marketing database to drive better 1:1 marketing

A simple button enables you to push highly targeted contacts/leads from RainKing directly into your Marketo account. The configurable data mapping tool lets you customize where you want contacts to go (such as a leads database or program), dedup and update records, or add new ones. 
Combined with RainKing’s Prediction Engine, you can see the rankings of who is likely to buy which of your products, and use this to route messages to prospects. It’s an easy way to get “personas” into your marketing database!
Combined with RainKing’s Prospect Prism, you can enhance any unprioritized list of lower level leads with 5 times as many new names who are more likely buyers.
RainKing’s Marketo integration is a systematic way to get high-quality decision maker leads/contacts into your marketing funnel.

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