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Radius is a B2B predictive marketing platform that enables revenue-driven marketers to find and engage with their best customers in under 24 hours.


Radius is a B2B predictive marketing platform that uses data science to empower revenue-driven marketers to quickly find and engage with their next, best customers.

The Radius Business Graph℠

The Radius Business Graph is a comprehensive graph consisting of more than 50 billion dynamic signals on over 20 million U.S. businesses. The Graph powers Radius’ predictive marketing software by providing the most complete source of business insight and revenue opportunity available for B2B marketers.

Marketers can use Radius to address important use cases throughout the funnel:

Go-to-Market Insights

Go to market smarter with actionable, real-time insights into your customers, top opportunities, and full market potential.

  • Develop winning strategies with deeper market insights at your fingertips any time you need them.
  • Create more effective campaigns that resonate with each audience through sharpened targeting and messaging.

Predictive Acquisition

Drive customer acquisition and revenue growth by filling the funnel not only with more leads, but the leads that will turn into high-value customers.

  • Target new accounts that are similar to your current customers for acquisition and lead generation campaigns.
  • Fuel cross-channel campaigns by adding new and existing prospects directly to platforms such as Marketo, Salesforce, and Facebook Custom Audiences.

Predictive Prioritization

Increase pipeline and revenue by prioritizing your best prospects with predictive analytics.

  • Improve sales and marketing efficiency by focusing resources on the prospects that are most likely to convert.
  • Drive prospects through the funnel faster by routing the best inbound prospects to Sales immediately.

Account-Based Marketing

Align Sales and Marketing around the most promising target accounts, and segment those accounts for personalized engagement.

  • Focus your ABM resources on the right target accounts by using the Business Graph to identify new and existing accounts that are most likely to convert.
  • Create personalized campaigns by segmenting your target accounts according to rich and up-to-date insights about prospects’ buying intent, tech stacks, news and events, and firmographics.

To learn more about what Radius can do for your business, visit www.radius.com.


Integrate Marketo with Radius to uncover your best customer and prospect segments, discover net-new prospects within those segments, and add new and existing prospects directly to Marketo lists for personalized campaigns.

For inbound marketing, use Radius predictive scores to identify the prospects that are most likely to convert and send those prospects directly to Sales while nurturing remaining prospects.

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