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QuickEmailVerification filters out invalid emails from your mailing list to prevent hard bounces and improves your campaign deliverability & ROI.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Accurate email verification
  • Self-Service list cleaning
  • Real-Time API integration
  • Free 100 verification daily

QuickEmailVerification is a leading email address verification service which helps you identify and eliminate invalid email addresses from your mailing list prior to launch of email campaigns. Validating email address prevents hard bounces and protects your sender reputation. It also improves your sender score and protects your IPs from being blacklisted. It helps email marketers to improve marketing performance and to reach their targets by improving campaign deliverability and ROI. It also saves you money by reducing your campaign cost.

QuickEmailVerification is an online self-service platform to validate email addresses. It provides a batch tool to validate your mailing list or existing email database. It also offers easy-to-integrate REST API for real time email verification at the point of entry in your web forms and mobile applications.

Join over 40,000 businesses around the world that use QuickEmailVerification to validate email addresses and achieve their marketing goals.

Sign up for free service today and see how QuickEmailVerification can hugely benefit your company!

Marketo Integration

QuickEmailVerification helps your business carry out better, more effective email marketing. With the Marketo integration, now it’s easier and faster to verify email addresses before they get into your mailing list.

The integration of QuickEmailVerification API into the Marketo platform is easy. It’s not just about eliminating invalid email addresses, QuickEmailVerification offers you a lot more. Once set up, the integration will verify emails on the go, as they enter your database. 

You get to know whether the address is Safe to Send, Accept-all,Role-based, Disposable or simply Invalid. This helps you take more informed decisions for your next awesome email marketing campaign with a higher ROI.

From Fortune 500 corporates to small businesses and bloggers trusting QuickEmailVerification for their list cleaning, you are in safe hands.

And yes, did we tell you about the 100 Free Credits you can use daily? Sign up for free today.