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Querona is a Logical Data Warehousing platform that easily connects any data source with any client tool. For more details visit our web site.


Querona provides analytical solutions in the field of  agile BI.  Thanks to our logical data warehouse and data virtualization tools all Business Intelligence and Big Data projects are implemented much  more faster and easier.

Querona combines multiple data sources, consolidates them on the fly and allows the presentation of the results in your favorite tools e.g.: Excel, Power BI, QlikView or Tableau.

Querona accelerates the development of BI, eliminates time-consuming ETL processes, allows real time data access  and increases the speed of the reports thanks to its analytical engine Apache Spark and Hadoop environments.

Querona simplifies architecture eliminates ETL processes, enables data consolidation on the fly, separates data model from execution engine or BI front-end and empowers business users to use their most appreciable presentation tool.

Querona does not create another copy of your data, unless you want to accelerate your reports and use build-in execution engine created for purpose of Big Data analytics.

Just write standard SQL query and let Querona consolidate data on the fly, use one of execution engines and accelerate processing no matter what kind and how many sources you have.

Our ambition is to make Business Intelligence and analytics data common and easily accessible not only for  big corporations, but also for medium-sized companies.


Querona integrates your Marketo data with any reporting tool you want, using intuitive, self-service interface. It gives you unlimited possibilities to explore your marketing data and seamlessly connect it with other data sources to build any report with your favorite tool.

Querona supports data sources like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook, Gmail, Apache Spark, Excel, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SAP, and much more. With just a few clicks you can easily enhance your Marketo data with the data gathered from the other data sources. For example, you can easily integrate data from Marketo, Salesforce and Google Analytics to gain valuable insights.

Querona emulates Microsoft SQL Server what makes your data consumable by any tool such as Excel, Qlik, Tableau, or Power BI without additional overhead. Just connect to data sources and start exploring!

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