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Quantcast Advertise + Marketo

Quantcast Corporation  |  Applications
Quantcast is the only advertising product suite powered by our massive data set of unique real-time customer browsing behaviors.
Main Features
  • Prospecting + Retargeting
  • Competitive Conquesting
  • Category Conquesting

Quantcast helps you to leverage your Marketo lead information for enhanced online audience targeting with an easy-to-implement Webhook integration.

The integration allows advertisers to segment their online converters and deliver more precise display targeting, using information from further down the funnel to refine audience models.

Using Quantcast Advertise with Marketo

  • Prospecting - Find new customers more like your qualified leads. Quantcast can create a unique audience profile of your most qualified leads to target similar prospects at scale across devices.
  • Retargeting -  Nurture qualified leads and engaged customers at scale across devices.
  • Suppression - Limit waste on media by “Turning off” targeting to specific leads.
  • Audience insights - Gain powerful insights about your best leads such as demographics or search behaviors, for your qualified leads.