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Qotient helps enterprises with large indirect sales channels ensure their partners are telling their story consistently, efficiently and at scale.


Qotient's platform enables channel marketing and channel sales managers to consistently extend branding and messaging at scale, into the channel sales process ensuring that partners are following up leads and prospects with the most appropriate and marketing aligned sales conversation.    

 Our library of company approved talk-tracks provides the linkage and continuity between the Marketing messaging and your partners’ Sales conversations. 

As a Nurtured lead (MQL) is passed to a Channel partner, the partner is told by the Qotient platform which specific sales conversation to have, based upon the content/themes the MQL has engaged with during the Demand Gen process. Qotient's platform gives your partner's sales rep the questions to ask, key talking points, insights, case studies and supporting documentation to share to support those messages. By having the most appropriate conversation, the conversion rate of MQL to SQL is enhanced.  

Enterprises that rely heavily on indirect channels for product marketing or lead generation utilize Qotient to connect with their partners and increase return on investment. 

Get closer to the channel

Qotient's platform aligns channel partner sales conversations with corporate marketing messages and themes. 

Cut through the clutter and grab mindshare

Keep your company top-of-mind and get channel partners to talk effectively about your offerings with their prospects and customers.  

No friction

Provide your partners with a library of talk-tracks to help them build your brand AND their business without any hassles.

Just-in-time monitoring

Track your partners’ sales metrics, conversation activity and outcomes in real time. Understand what your partners are talking about, with whom and next steps, giving channel leaders a data-driven way to make decisions on sales and marketing investment in the channel.


Talk Tracks

Library of company approved, searchable, tagged content that provides sales teams with key messages, questions, insights and supporting documentation

Analytics and Reporting

Dashboard with just-in-time metrics on partner activity and performance. Drill down performance data on individual sales people and content.

CRM Integration

Call activity, notes and next steps are captured and automatically synced to CRM call logs.

Desktop/Laptop and Mobile Enabled

Access Qotient's platform from any desktop/laptop and mobile device, ensuring the most current marketing messages are at your salesperson's fingertips

Account Based Conversations (ABC)

Qotient's "ABC" maximizes ABM by ensuring linkage and continuity of tailored content into the sales conversations with the targeted account

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Marketo Integration

Qotient enhances Marketo’s capabilities by providing marketing managers with a tool for ensuring that indirect sales channel conversations align with corporate marketing themes and messages delivered through Marketo. Qotient's talk-tracks align sales conversations with the specific nurtured content that lead has engaged with through Marketo.

CRM Integration

Qotient is also integrated with leading CRM platforms to ensure that the channel partner sales conversations/call notes are captured and reported in a just-in-time basis, closing the loop on lead engagement and activity and driving increased adoption and usage of CRM systems.

Partner Portal Integration

Qotient's platform sits in front of your partner portal as a "just in time" workspace for sales.  Qotient's talk-tracks can connect to partner portals for content and supporting materials,

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Qotient is the only platform linking the enablement of channel to insights Executives need to make intelligent decisions about the health, engagement and effectiveness of their go to market strategy
Gordon Mackintosh – VP CHANNEL @ Extreme Networks