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Qotient Inc  |  Applications
Qotient helps extend marketings influence and impact into the sales team by assisting the sales team have the right prospect conversation.
Main Features
  • Deliver Sales Conversations
  • Measure Sales Conversations
  • Optimize Sales Conversations
  • Ramp Channel Sales

Qotient is a sales conversation platform built for sales people. Our secret is about making it easy for a sales person to have a conversation, learn a new conversation and be effective in their customer meetings.  


FOR MARKETERS that support sales teams, we provide an agile way to test messages, pivot sales teams away or towards certain conversations and see in real-time what outcomes are being generated. Enterprises can get sales people to have sales conversations aligned to their lead generation and digital marketing efforts. Qotient helps extend marketings' reach and influence into the actual customer meeting. 

FOR SALES LEADERS that have large sales teams, that need to ensure their sales people are having the right conversation, asking the right questions & engineering the right outcomes, Qotient becomes their delivery and measurement platform. We help sales leaders drive CRM adoption and see in real-time which conversations are working, with who and why. 

FOR CHANNEL LEADERS that are trying to build sales channels, ramp partner sales and measure the return on investment from their channel programs, Qotient can help them do this in a unique way. Qotient can help channel organizations capture mindshare in the partner base and partner investments can be tied to the real-time analytics about where and how the partner building pipeline & opportunity. 


Ensure all your sales people are having the best conversion every time.