Cloud Based Integration Solution for Marketo

By Put it Forward

Put it Forward enables the marketer to easily integrate Marketo to hundreds of applications.


Connect Marketo® to Everything

Put it Forward® let's a Marketo user quickly connect to many different systems and scenarios without coding.   Including multiple CRM systems simultaneously such as departmental deployments, SAP or Siebel CRM behind the firewall and mixed environments.

For project governance and performance attribution leverage the Workfront project planning, Box or Drop Box for collaboration, Datawarehouses for analytics and Netsuite for business.

Put it Forward® enables the rapid connection and collaboration of  business systems through on demand technology.

Designed for the marketing analyst, evangelist or operations specialist, Put it Forward’s® “No Code” graphical experience accelerates and simplifies the ability to work with data.

Extend beyond connecting into operations governance, data quality and customer life cycle management.  All within the same application.

Connect Marketo - Create Value

Put it Forward® is the solution that Marketo® users look to for the single view of their business.  This lets a user integrate their campaign, marketing, sales, customer, inventory, reporting and analytics with any other in house or cloud based system.

Common Scenarios:

• Enrich contacts in CRM with campaign information from Marketo® in real time
• Keep leads synchronized between Marketo® and CRM in real time
• Multiple CRM system integration and migrations
• Shorten the time between lead to order
• Connect leads with contacts and support cases
• Integration simplification and cost savings
• Automated lead routing and scoring
• Lower costs by contact selection set optimization
• Improve data quality with rules and transformations
• Better data analysis to determine effective sales behaviors and close rates driven by marketing events
• Create exposure across the customer life-cycle not just funnel development


No Code Integration

No code visual designer. Quickly connect to the data that is needed without extra development resources.


Seamlessly connect multiple applications together to enable cross enterprise business process execution.


Layer in on the fly data quality checks and rules for consistent data going into master systems. This allows you to manage data quality and integrity.

Connector Library

350+ pre-built connectors that can be used to integrate data and systems together.

Insight Analytics

Embedded customer intelligence and analytics information within the integration. This lets you see into customer behaviors.

Max Limit (6 Features)


To begin an integration for Marketo is very simple.

Step 1.  Register at

Step 2.  A user account will be created for you with pre-configured integration scenarios

Step 3.  A member of Put it Forward will contact you to help you get started

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What you just did for our teams productivity and how we work was magic - you guys are rock stars, I’m truly blown away.
Uma Asthana - Facebook - Director of Operations and Technology