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Twitter Q&A

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Twitter Q&A events hosted on your website.
Main Features
  • Hashtag question submission
  • Branded
  • Fully moderated

Some events just belong in Twitter. And with Pubble you get the everything that is awesome about Twitter along with the ability to surface the curated, branded conversation on your site. Twitter Q&A works really well when your objectives are to leverage the power of Twitter to amplify the impact of your event. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you will love our Twitter Q&A app for your website

Twitter Q&A Events that work

Live, branded, curated, moderated Twitter Q&A events that are hosted on your website.

#hashtag Question Submission

Participants can use their normal Twitter client on the Twitter Q&A app on your site. Tweets with the event hashtag will appear in the stream. 

Distraction Free

Pubble's Twitter Q&A app is optimised for Q&A events. Compared to following the event on Twitter, the Q&A pairs are much easier to follow.


Hosting the event on your site, allows for full branding. 

Set-up is a breeze

Just a few lines of Javascript needs to be added to your site. 5 mins or less.