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Core Q&A

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The core concept of Core Q&A is that every time you answer a question, the page gets a little richer for the next person.
Main Features
  • Page Level Q&A's
  • Page Level Moderation
  • Set Mods / Community Answers
  • Answer Prompt

5 Reasons you should use Core Q&A
Website Q&A that just works!

Core Q&A makes it easy for your community to ask the questions they want answered right on the page that their question relates to. Core Q&A is about many interactions occurring over an extended time period. Its perfect for building micro-communities for every page of your site.

  1. Product Level Q&A's
  2. Increased Conversions
  3. More Productive Customer Service
  4. Grow your Community
  5. Moderator Answers / Customer Answers