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New service to check your emails Hello! It’s tale about This service checks e-mail addresses to valid and invalid .
Main Features
  • Big focus on corporate emails
  • Risk Validator
  • Email Deduplication
  • Complainers Removal

Simplest way to check your emails Quickly validate and verify your email lists. Just drop your contacts directly into the PROOFY interface. We'll sort out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Verify email addresses within your application using our Real Time API. Our stage email verification process will ensure you get rid of all invalid emails and helping you boost your return on investment (ROI) for email marketing campaigns. Our email verification process includes: - *Big focus on corporate emails* - Email Deduplication - Domain Validation - Complainers Removal - Risk Validator - Syntax Check - MTA Validation - High Risk Keywords Removal - High Risk Domain Checks - Unbalanced Delimiter Check And much more. We also have optional real-time bounce processing available.

If you have legacy email data that needs to be verified (recommended) also offers bulk email address verification that allows you to verify an email list of any size — big or small. is EU-US Privacy Shield compliant to support our commitment to customer privacy.

Have questions about the or bulk email verification, please contact We’re here to help!