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Sitefinity Web Content Management helps businesses engage, convert and retain customers through multiple channels.


Sitefinity is a Web Content and Experience Management Platform that enables business to engage, convert and retain customers through multiple channels. Sitefinity is the only truly mobile web content management on the market that supports all three mobile strategies out of the box – responsive design, mobile apps and mobile sites. 

Sitefinity has an extreme focus on usability and enabling marketers to create and publish content through multiple channels with complete independence from IT and development resources. Business users can define the layout of new web pages by dragging and dropping layout elements which then become editable regions of the page where content widgets can be dropped and configured. 


Telerik® now has a connector for Marketo® benefiting the 70,000 users of its award-winning Web Content Management (WCM) solution, Sitefinity™. Now, Sitefinity captures valuable customer and prospect information that enables organizations to personalize their respective experiences in a highly-targeted way, across sales and marketing channels.

Static websites typically present the same content regardless of a visitor’s preferences or profile. But today’s visitors expect a personalized experience that adapts to their behavior. As Gartner recently noted, “Personalization will be based on the three-way intersection between customer history, context awareness and intent.” Telerik Sitefinity brings those data-driven interactions together for a seamless customer experience through its new connectors:

Sitefinity Marketo Connector—Monitors and tracks visitor behavior; increases conversions and improves sales by transferring online data (page visits, form submissions and file downloads) to build lead scores for personalized nurturing campaigns and more dynamic website experiences.
Learn more about the Sitefinity Marketo Connector.

“We live in a real-time world in which customers don’t want to wait or feel unknown or underappreciated. That’s why personalization has become so key to those organizations looking to conduct business online,” said Martin Kirov, Executive Vice President, Sitefinity division, Telerik. “Our customer base is made up of some of the largest, most well-known organizations in the world. They account for more than 70,000 users with daily web traffic in the millions. They depend on us to offer solutions to not only compete, but to strongly stand out in the face of an ever-evolving and crowded online marketplace.”

“Today’s customers want an experience that is customized just for them, whether they are browsing a website or receiving an offer. The power of the Sitefinity and Marketo integration now means that these two customer experiences can be intelligently connected,” said Robin Bordoli, Vice President of Partner Ecosystems at Marketo. “Data sharing between Sitefinity and Marketo means marketers can now personalize and synchronize content and themes across all channels and touch points with potential buyers, including web content and lead nurturing campaigns.”

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