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Capture & Route, every lead from every event around the world with Leadature. Scan badges, Snap! business cards and qualify your tradeshow leads.


Leadature captures and qualifies leads, sends electronic literature, provides a wide range of measurement, and can instantly connect your sales force to your new leads

On the event floor, Leadature gathers contact data by scanning any event badge or business card photo. Our apps quickly captures and qualifies leads with targeted questions based on product interest. Leadature support iOS, Android and Windows native apps.

The literature library lets you send information to your customer instantly: videos, brochures, files and website links eliminate the need to bring paper collateral.

After the conversation on the show floor, Leadature keeps the interaction going. Attendees receive a personalized email with collateral links . 

Leadature connects to Marketo and other popular CRM and Marketing Automation systems via integrated connector modules taking your leads from show floor to Marketo instantly.


Leadature makes the process of moving exhibit and convention gathered data to Marketo fast and painless. Use the simple setup wizard in your Leadature system to configure credentials and field mapping quickly and easily.

Once your Leadature system has been setup and your Marketo connector activated, setup is a simple 10 minute process. Then, you can push unlimited batches of convention/exhibit leads directly to Marketo.

Leadature facilitates badge scanning, collateral delivery and other live event data collection and makes it easy to move the data into Marketo.

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“PRMconnect is a true partner that goes above and beyond. Leadature is a tremendous tool and their team really cares about our goals. They are critical thinkers and very smart. This is a great partner
Tradeshow Manager