Postwire  |  Applications
Let your account and sales teams put your educational content to use by creating a personalized resource page for each client in less than a minute.
Main Features
  • Enable visual content sharing
  • Marketing on a 1:1 basis
  • Quickly create content pages
  • Track what is accessed

Every modern business is now a publishing company. Prospects, clients, and even internal staff are overloaded with content. The consumer web has solved this problem with social media and curation platforms, but businesses are left with email, portals, and wikis to share information. Email is an ineffective vehicle for sharing content since materials must be sent as attachments, which often get lost, ignored or end up in spam folders. Portals and wikis are primarily used for internal communications, and they are hard to maintain and require IT support, so they aren’t meeting marketing and sales requirements. 

Unlike email, wikis, and portals, Postwire provides one place to collect and organize content, customize and share it with prospects and customers, and engage in an ongoing dialogue. Postwire is an easy-to-use, visual, and trackable sharing solution that enables content personalization and provides marketing and AM/sales people with a better way to foster relationships and bolster sales, account management, and marketing efforts.

For marketers who want their marketing, sales, and account teams to have one place to access, share, personalize, and engage in conversations about content, Postwire provides that. Postwire is a place for creators and sharers of information to personalize it for those consuming it so they cut through the clutter and engage in educational dialogues that put content to better use, build relationships, and drive revenue.