Piqora - Visual Content Marketing Platform

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Piqora is a content recommendations, analytics and publishing platform for Instagram, Pinterest, UGC & shoppable web galleries.
Main Features
  • Visual/UGC Content Library
  • Multi-user/profile Calendar
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Tapshop: Shoppable Photos

Piqora is a multi-channel visual content marketing platform that helps marketers collect, curate, analyze and publish photos on Instagram, Pinterest, Web and other social and digital channels. 100s of brands including Campbell’s, Conde Nast, Zappos, Etsy are using Piqora to collect and publish images on Pinterest, Instagram and the Web. Piqora helps brands launch curated commerce and shoppable experiences built from socially validated customer photos. 

Content marketing teams struggle from lack of relevant content, lack of data driven recommendations, frustration with fragmented publishing and data silos. Piqora’s visual content marketing platform is designed to help marketers reach their audiences visually and efficiently by pre-assembling best performing owned and UGC photos in a content library, enabling collaborative, multi-user and calendar based photo publishing, allowing marketing to engage with their audience via conversation manager and by offering multiple reports on top images, hashtags, ROI, followers, boards, influencers & audience to help marketers drive business results from photos.

Piqora's content marketing platform powers social signal based content recommendations, UGC photo discovery by combo-tags/mentions/geo-location and image rights acquisition at scale. Our large scale UGC photo collection engine to help brands discover UGC photos from Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter etc. and use those customer photos as native advertising creatives and marketing assets that can be leveraged across multiple digital channels.