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Pipeliner is a fresh new take on CRM - using an insight-driven visual interface to empower salespeople, focus sales teams and drive business.


★  Built by professional salespeople for professional salespeople, Pipeliner CRM uses a proprietary visual tool that engages salespeople with their prospects and customers and prioritizes the activities that help salespeople close deals.

★ We created an eye-catching, customizable representation of your pipeline -- because, A picture of your sales target is worth 1,000 spreadsheets.

★ Your sales team works together -- no one person on the team is an island. So why buy into a CRM that forces everyone into data-entry hell? We bring the insight of your entire team to the forefront for collaborative success.

★ Many CRM's fail at the most crucial aspect of the job: Providing a better sales process. With Pipeliner CRM, your team gets more organized, wins more deals and you reduce risk (while improving forecasts) -- All critical factors in your CRM investment! 

★ We speak Social. Part of where business is done is across social channels-- and Pipeliner CRM has you covered for prospecting, profiling, tracking and engaging across all major social channels.


  • Create a new contact, account, or lead from Marketo to Pipeliner.
  • If the record exists in Pipeliner, the app updates system and custom fields in Pipeliner. Especially useful for the return visitors to a website when the company is asking for additional information.
  • Insert and automatically update Marketo fields and data to existing system or custom fields currently in Pipeliner, e.g.: Marketo lead score, profile page, website, email address, address, custom fields (# of employees, size of company, etc.


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