PingPilot: Voice, SMS & Live Chat for Marketo

By PingPilot

Offer your customers out-of-this-world experiences in voice, SMS and live chat, while synchronizing these interactions to Marketo customer records.


Why Add Voice, SMS, and Live Chat to Marketo?Save both you and your customers the pain of complicated marketing automation campaigns.

Take back the hours and endless dollars invested in the building, segmenting and cleaning  email lists. Stop stressing your developers out writing antiquated HTML for email clients that can’t deliver a decent experience. Build trust with your customers by lifting the mile-long lead-qualitication form and give them on-demand access to your campaign content and your team.

When you’re measuring marketing automation campaign success in single-digit CTRs, it’s time to add some communication channels to the mix—ones your customers use every day.

Customers want dedicated, personal assistance, but prefer to engage on their terms. With PingPilot Signals, customers are automatically matched with a dedicated agent who will interact with them in the channel they most prefer. With PingPilot’s Marketo LaunchPoint Partnership, each voice, SMS and live chat interaction is synchronized with customer records in Marketo. These same customer records also provide PingPilot agents with a bit of caller ID when customers engage them via voice, SMS and live chat.


With our Marketo integration you can enable your team to share PingPilot Signal customer interaction data directly into your Marketing stack to help your Customer Success Reps convert Marketing Qualified Leads into Customers.

Each integration is created to break down silos in cross-channel communications and allow your business complete visibility to the customer experience.

  • Marketo can help build valuable context into your PingPilot customer timelines.
    When customers engage with PingPilot signals, your PingPilot app searches your Marketo database for matching information and merges it into PingPilot customer timelines.
  • Your CX Reps can alter customer lead statuses and pass the data right into Marketo.
  • Each interaction your customers have with a PingPilot Signal is transmitted to your Marketo instance, so teams share valuable CX information throughout the entire exprience.

The full PingPilot + Marketo Integration guide can be found here:

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