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Perfect Audience Facebook & Web Retargeting

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World-class Facebook & Web retargeting platform that lets you use visitor data to bring back lost customers and get more conversions.
Main Features
  • Facebook Exchange retargeting
  • Display retargeting
  • E-mail retargeting
  • Simple, self-service dashboard

Perfect Audience makes it easier than ever for marketers to retarget lost customers on the Facebook Exchange with Facebook ads and News Feed posts, across mainstream media sites with banners, and in your e-mail.

For a limited period of time, qualified Marketo clients will receive a free $100 credit for test campaigns on Perfect Audience. Conditions apply.

Key Benefits

Perfect Audience customers see $10-12 in ROI for every $1 spent on ads. We achieve this high ROI for our customers by using predictive modeling and real-time bidding to buy only the right impressions for our customers.

Unlike other retargeting services that require lots of hand-holding and help from an account manager, Perfect Audience makes things simple, transparent, and easy so you can start campaigns quickly and see ROI immediately.

Perfect Audience provides extensive help guides, tutorial videos, e-mail and live chat support, and training webinars to help you be the most effective marketer you can be.

Perfect Audience's rules-based segmenting tools and tracking API lets you segment your audience data with epic precision so you retarget ONLY the people you really want to reach.

Our "Perfect Pixel" lets you drop cookies and track conversions with the same tag, saving you time and effort during integration.

How does it work

  • Sign up for a free account.
  • Install your Perfect Pixel site tracking tag
  • Create ads and conversion goals in your dashboard
  • Launch your first campaigns!


Key Features

- Manage multiple sites and team members in one account
- Automated A/B testing of ads
- Detailed conversion attribution records
- Weekly performance summary reports via e-mail
- Robust reporting API