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Percussion Web Content Management + Content Marketing

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Percussion's web content products give you control over your content and accelerates your content marketing strategy to scale revenue.
Main Features
  • Integrated Blog
  • Rapid Publishing
  • Dynamic Workflow
  • Content Analytics

Percussion’s software is the next generation in web content management and content marketing. Delivered as a highly usable, affordable, and flexible software package, Percussion has transformed how you manage your content, making it easier than ever to accelerate your content marketing initiatives. Percussion removes the roadblocks to effective content marketing through:

  • One click page creation
  • Automated SEO
  • Native mobile responsive web pages
  • Instant publishing
  • Advanced workflow engine
  • Integrated or stand-alone blog
  • Highly usable interface to unleash your content contributors
  • Mashable integration layer to enable connection to major marketing automation such as Marketo and CRM platforms
  • Advanced content effectiveness metrics

With Percussion, you can enable more content contributors to publish more content more rapidly than ever before to get found faster by more people, create deeper engagement, and scale leads. Get started with Percussion today!