Pendo VIA

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Accelerate adoption, ease onboarding, and deliver personalized learning for your Marketo users.


Pendo is the leading provider of product analytics and in-app guides. Teams who build software use Pendo to understand where their users need help, and deliver contextual guidance. Now, with Pendo VIA for Marketo, you can do the same for your team as they learn and use your Marketo instance.

Pendo VIA helps you provide a guided user experience within Marketo. You can access product usage dashboards to see how Marketo is adopted within your organization and create customized in-app training specific to your team.

Quickly turn insights into action by measuring how your users are adopting Marketo and where they require more training. With that data, you can quickly shape your user's behaviors with in-app guides, tooltips, and step-by-step tutorials. Whether your team is composed of first time Marketo users or marketing automation experts, Pendo VIA allows you to effectively enable your team where and when they need it most – inside Marketo.

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Onboard Your Users

Every team uses Marketo differently. Get new users onboard quickly through custom guides and in-app walkthroughs.

Streamline User Adoption

Guide your users through internal processes and facilitate product adoption with personalized training.

Drive More Effective Usage

Eliminate confusion, human error, and build confident Marketo users by empowering your team where they need it most.

Report on User Behaviors

Quickly report on how your users are adopting Marketo, their pain points, and where more training is needed through product usage dashboards.

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