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Content Marketing Analytics

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Pathful unifies all content marketing performance in one place, showing the business impact of content at every point of the customer journey.
Main Features
  • Content Marketing ROI
  • Content & Channel Attribution
  • Content Team Performance
  • Acquisition to Sale to Renewal

Content Marketing is awesome but it's hard to see how it directly impacts your business when content is everywhere - Marketo, websites, social networks, blogs, webinars, emails, etc. There is no one place to see its performance. Marketers need to see how their content is impacting their business without having to bounce around between their analytics and all their tools.

Pathful brings all this fragmented data into one place, clearly showing the impact and ROI of content from Awareness to Lead to Sale to Renewal. Whether you are targeting content based on the customer journey, personas, product, industry, or geography, see the real impact your content is having in one simple view.


Enhance your understanding of the role content plays by providing multi-touch attribution, not only across channels but across content. Pathful shows not only the leads, but revenue attributable to each piece of content.

Return On Investment

Pathful makes it easy to understand content ROI by rolling up revenue for campaigns, channels, content types or creator. With content becoming a core marketing focus, Pathful is the tool to allow marketing to understand what is working and what isn't. Improve performance by doubling down on what is moving the needle.

Engagement Map

Pathful's Engagement Map has the most powerful in-page analysis on the market. It allows you to see which content on the page was interacted with and connecting it to subsequent conversion events. It's like a heat map on steroids.

Team Performance

Pathful's Team Page allows you to see your entire content team (including external resources) to see the impact that their content is having on your business. Maximize the performance of your team by assigning work where it makes sense. Enable coaching for those who need help in driving reach or conversions.

Producing content that works is hard, measuring its performance shouldn't be.