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Enable your B2B buyers with frictionless buying experiences.


With consumerized B2B buyers doing more of their own independent research than ever before, it’s critically important that marketers empower them with the educational content they need to progress forward in their search. PathFactory delivers an on-demand experience for B2B buyers, enabling them with the most relevant information at every step of their unique journey. By allowing buyers to binge-consume content, marketers remove friction and create more qualified leads, faster. 

Content Insight: Make better marketing decisions 

 To be confident that your marketing is moving buyers along the path to purchase, you need to understand how they are consuming your content. Unfortunately, most marketers rely on misleading proxies like form fills and clicks to gauge consumption. PathFactory tells you what content prospects and accounts have consumed—down to the second—allowing you to see which content pieces help generate pipeline and revenue. You can also score leads in marketing automation based on their actual content consumption, ensuring that only sales-ready leads who have truly self-educated are passed to your sales team. 

Content Activation: Create always-on content journeys   

Buyer education is the key to leading prospects down the funnel, but most B2B marketing today fails to enable buyers with the content they need, when they need it. PathFactory removes friction from the buying journey with bingeable content journeys that allow leads to self-educate. Our platform uses individuals’ content consumption data to serve hyper-relevant, real-time content recommendations that dramatically expedite the buying process. Enabling your buyers in this way allows stronger funnel conversion, and faster sales cycles, and improves optimization of marketing spend. 

The Content Insight and Activation Engine 

The brain of the PathFactory platform, the Engine, uses AI to analyze content and session engagement data to build a full understanding of the role content plays in the buyer’s journey, and its impact on pipeline and revenue. The Engine uses this data to activate content and connect buyers with the most relevant information on-demand. The insights produced by the PathFactory Engine are surfaced in Path Analytics, a reporting tool that provides marketers with a level of insight and decision support never before available. This insight allows real-time campaign, channel, and content optimization.


Content Tracks

Connect buyers with bingeable content journeys that help accelerate their purchase decisions—whenever and wherever they click.

Website “Guide” & “Concierge”

Give buyers the best micro-personalized content recommendations on your website, all powered by content consumption data & robust content meta data.

Website Tracking

See how much time every lead and account in your Marketo database spends your assets and web pages, showing you exactly how sales-ready they are.

Account-Based Content

Easily curate personalized content journeys for specific accounts, and see content consumption data on the account level.

Intelligent Conversion

Remove the need for landing pages and produce the highest quality leads by always serving the right Marketo form to the right lead at the right time.

Path Analytics

Get a level of insight and decision support that you’ve never had before so you can optimize your campaigns and deliver the right messages.

Max Limit (6 Features)


PathFactory feeds a totally new data set into Marketo: time spent consuming content assets and web pages. This means you no longer have to rely on inaccurate proxies to determine engagement, such as clicks and form fills. 

You can easily: 

  • Add PathFactory Content Tracks to Marketo emails and landing pages. 
  • Sync leads captured from PathFactory engagement-based forms to your Marketo database. 
  • Track and measure real, time-based engagement data. 
  • Use PathFactory data to improve Marketo lead scoring and nurturing.

PathFactory allows you to take your prospect on a guided journey through your content by attractively packaging relevant, related content so that it can be consumed in a single session. You can quickly and easily add a PathFactory content track to a Marketo email nurture campaign and send it to lead records in your database. Our Marketo customers find that PathFactory email campaigns outperform traditional benchmarks because they lead to greater content consumption, so they create more qualified leads—faster.

Setting up the PathFactory-Marketo integration is simple:

  1. Connect your Marketo and PathFactory accounts and/or connect PathFactory’s webhooks to a Marketo form.
  2. Create custom fields to store PathFactory content consumption data.
  3. Add Content Tracks to Marketo landing pages and emails by simply changing the destination URL to a PathFactory Content Track.
  4. Sync PathFactory content consumption data to Marketo to more accurately qualify, score, and segment your leads.

Learn more about how to integrate PathFactory and Marketo here.

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We now score leads based on their engagement with assets in PathFactory rather than simply relying on clicks or downloads—and we’ve seen impressive lifts in our lead funnel performance.
Mervyn Alamgir, Senior Director, Digital Marketing at TIBCO Software