parsely ad 736x270 Inc  |  Applications provides content marketers with clear audience insights to answer questions about how readers are responding to content.
Main Features
  • Real-time & Historic Analytics
  • Easy & Customizable Reporting
  • Developer-Friendly API partners with content creators to translate data into audience feedback. Make sure you're listening to what readers are saying about your content by seeing the actions they take online, and use that to power strategies from email newsletters to nurture campaigns. 

The platform, our dashboards, services and APIs, are specifically built for content websites. We work with leading digital publishers, like, Slate, Mashable, Upworthy and many more helping them understand their audiences better to produce products and services to turn readers into paying customers. 

If you're a brand that wants to act more like a publisher, make sure you have the same resources that the best publishers in the business have. Sign up for a trial today.